The first part will comprise the following:

  • Alphabet (shapes of alphabet, long and short vowels, double letter, silent letter)
  • Greetings & Presentation
  • Numbers (Singular, Dual, Plural)
  • Article
  • Days & Months
  • Direction & Weather
  • Adjectives
  • Possessive Pronouns & Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Reading and Conversation
  • Prepositions
  • Dictation


The second part will comprise the following:

  • Food & Habits
  • Verbs
  • Housing & Transport
  • Conjunctions
  • Reading and Conversation
  • Dictations


Teaching Strategies

Exposure Method / Lecture strategies / Active Learning / Learner-centered teaching /  

Experimental learning

We shall also use numerous techniques to enforce learning. Practice exercises, Role play, Hand Outs.

The time allocation is short. Learners must continue to practice at home.

Arabic has a very structured grammar. It can be compared to Latin .Only a few rudiments can be covered.

Extensive use will be made of transliteration to activate vocabulary grasp.

Vocabulary will be integrated in all sessions.


12 weeks / 60 hours
4 hours face to face session with trainer & 1 hour online contact per week.
Start date: 21st May 2016
End date: 30th July 2016


Rs. 10,000 MUR per student
(Pricing based on minimum 15 participants)