Mandarin is the national language of China which is also known as ’Putonghua’. Other dialects used in China are Cantonese, Hunanese, Gan dialect, Hakka dialect etc. Being the most widely spoken language, there are more than one billion of the world’s population who are Chinese speakers. The population of China is equivalent to one fifth of the world’s total population and the presence of mandarin/ Chinese speakers is spreading everywhere.
Modern Standard Chinese is an official language of the United Nations.


Importance & Opportunity:

In many countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore, Mandarin is considered to be the language of commerce. Thus learning Mandarin can open the door to a huge job market. One of the main reason why learn Mandarin is the growing economy of China. After decades of global isolation, the Chinese market is blossoming, thus creating the opportunity of cultural exchanges and much more.
Furthermore, learning to read and speak Mandarin can be an advantage when you are an entrepreneur/ owner of a business. Being the biggest exporter of goods in the world, China will surely be among your suppliers portfolio. Having a good communication skill, like speaking Mandarin can help in keeping a good relationship with one of your main supplier. Learning Mandarin for business includes establishing a cultural IQ, which will make you appear more trustworthy and accomplished by others.
Chinese may look like a difficult language but actually, it has no tenses, no cases, no genders and has a simple grammar. It doesn’t feature complicated construct like cases and genders nor does it hold grammatical complexity. It treats tenses in simplistic way.


Course Objective:


  • Have a broad idea about the Chinese language



  • Understand the importance of proper pronunciation,
  • Distinguish between sounds and tones,
  • Distinguish between Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin.



  • Able to speak in a polite manner with respect to Chinese culture, way of courtesy and greetings,
  • Introduce oneself and someone is a simple way,
  • Ask questions about familiar topics like name, age, address, nationality, family, likes and dislikes



  • Recognize 130 characters
  • Write clearly 60 characters


Notional Study Hours – 42 hours

Duration of Course – 6 months

Hours per Week – 2 hours

Fees – Rs 15 000

Number of students per group – 10(Max)