Corporate Training

Following our market research for current employment needs, our team has devised a unique strategy to facilitate training and recruitment requirements. It is undeniable that vocational skills are limited currently, most importantly for the international language cluster.

Our training is delivered in accordance with the Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEFR) and approved by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). Both local and international trainers support the training to enhance further vocational and cultural knowledge of learners.

The curriculum across all languages is based on the company field of business and job description of the employees concerned.  The programme consists of oral, written business communication, real time simulations, case studies and online learning.


We currently deliver training in the following languages;

• German • Spanish • Italian • Portuguese • Polish • Russian • Czech / Slovak
• Arabic • Hindi • Mandarin • Japanese • English • French



Four years of vocational presence and having trained over 500 local & international students since then, we have access to a pool of skilled candidates ready for employment. Our recruitment and placement department make use of scientific methods to help you choose the best candidates based on our collaboration with international partners for aptitude testing, a premiere in Mauritius. Our recruitment license authorizes us to recruit resources within Mauritius and globally.