Action plan for Business French programme:

This qualification is intended for candidates who have achieved a sound understanding of French in a practical context, gained through previous basic learning and who are able to communicate in a familiar business situation effectively, and with only minimal assistance or supervision. The qualification consists of a mandatory reading and writing exam and optional speaking and listening tests.

Each session will be based on:   

  • Discussions
  • Texts
  • Language works
  • Skills
  • Case study



Course Objective:


The aims of this programme are to enable candidates develop the ability to:

  • Write aptly and accurate French suited to the stated purpose.
  • Understand and write French using formats that are current and common in business communication.
  • Adopt the tone, form, layout, content and composition appropriate to the requirements of a given situation.
  • Understand spoken and recorded Business French at the defined level.
  • Participate in conversations.



  • Business letters
  • Company leaflets
  • Business reports
  • Business-related articles
  • Lists and/or structured notes
  • Memos
  • Company notices


Notional Study Hours – 42 hours

Duration of Course – 6 months

Hours per Week – 2 hours

Fees – Rs 10 000

Number of students per group – 10(Max)