Syllabus Level 4 :-

Commerce International

This qualification is meant for marketers who are concerned with managing the marketing process at an operational and managerial level. The content of the qualification ensure that they gain relevant competencies for various stages of their marketing career. The focus moves from the theoretical aspects of marketing towards the many skills needed to manage the function itself.


Programme Content:

mt/11/0001/05 Communicate Product Information to Sales Clients 5 5
mt/11/0002/05 Develop and Coordinate the Sales Team 5 5
mt/11/0003/05 Implement Personal Selling Strategies to Achieve Targeted Results 5 5
mt/11/0004/05 Identify, Interpret, and Apply Direct Selling Techniques and Strategies 5 5
mt/11/0005/05 Produce Analyses and Budgets for Sales Operations and Activities 5 5
mt/11/0006/05 Structure, Develop, and Manage Sales Territories 5 5
mt/11/0007/05 Manage Sales Operations to Achieve Objectives 5 5
mt/11/0008/05 Produce and Present Sales Proposals 5 5
mt/11/0009/05 Provide Sales Administration and Support Services 5 5
mt/11/0010/05 Produce and Coordinate Sales Promotion Programmes 5 5
mt/11/0011/05 Implement a Sales Plan for Product and Services 5 5
mt/11/0012/05 Demonstrate and Apply Knowledge of Sales Management 5 5
mt/11/0013/05 Principles of Marketing 5 5
mt/11/0014/05 Creating and Maintaining a Safe and Supportive Working Environment 5 5
mt/11/0015/05 Professional and Ethical Conduct 5 5
mt/11/0016/05 Develop Strategies to Establish and maintain positive workplace relationships 5 5
mt/11/0017/05 Establish Social, Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Parameters for Public Relations Activities 5 5
mt/11/0018/05 Lead a Group/Team to Achieve an Objective(s) 5 5
mt/11/0019/05 Demonstrate an Understanding of the Principles of Implementing and Managing an E-Commerce Website 5 5
mt/11/0020/05 Demonstrate Knowledge of Email Marketing 5 5


Duration of Course – 12 months

Modules – 10 

Semester – 2

Fees – Rs 75 000